“Mason Dreamers”

My group’s main topic is Immigration and my sub-topic is Mason Dreamers, this article will be about the organization Mason Dreamers here at George Mason University. Mason Dreamers is a nonpartisan student organization at George Mason University that  “creates a more inclusive environment for undocumented students through education and advocacy” says the internal president Ana Tobar. “Mason Dreamers has a internal branch and a external branch, the internal branch focuses on the different partnerships and collaborations that they do with different organization on campus, they also work with administrators, faculty and staff and other students, last but not least they do undocually training which educate faculty and staff, students and even community partners so they can become allies for undocumented students, the resources we have on campus and how they can empower undocumented students” also says Ana Tobar in a interview I did with her.

Mason dreamers actual website tells you a little about the organization and a brief summary about what they do for undocumented students. It talks about what the introduction of the paper talks about. It talks about the mission of the Dreamers, the executive board and the intern team, and the history of the organization. “This article will will be useful to my research when I talk about the history of Mason Dreamers, what they stand for and what resources they have have for undocumented students.”

They have a great team with Ana Tobar as the internal president,

“Ana Tobar, International president of Mason Dreamers”


Danna Chavez Calvi as the external president, Renata Aldaz as the internal vice president, Dulce Martinez as the external vice president, Natalia Soto as the undocually coordinator, Mayra Leiva Flores as the Treasurer,  Ankush Kumar as the webmaster, Leohana Carrera and Helen Linares as the public relations chairs, and  Paula Alderete as the student support coordinator, they also have a intern team of students at Mason that aren’t part of the executive board but are still apart of the Mason Dreamers.

The history of Mason Dreamers is “Since our establishment in the fall of 2011, Mason DREAMers has grown to be one of the most active and influential student organizations at George Mason University. We educate, inspire, and take action to break barriers created by the current broken immigration system in the United States. In the past five years, we have created educational initiatives, events and resources to advocate for undocumented students within and outside of George Mason University. These have included, Student Panels, High school outreach initiatives, Immigration, Monologues, DREAM weeks and UndocuAlly trainings.


“UdocuAlly training on April 21, 2017”


All have been open to the general public and our largest event to date has had over 150 attendees. We have also worked tirelessly to generate additional funds for the Mason Dream Scholarship and have paved the way for the Stay Mason Student Support Fund. Ultimately, we do not seek to only benefit one segment of the student population, but create a fair ground for all.” Dreamers also have similar support student organizations at Virginia Tech, Virginia Commonwealth University, Northern Virginia Community College, the University of Virginia, and Georgetown.

The Mason Dreamers website has a video called “The Gift of Education”, this video shows just how important education is to all students and how some can’t get access to education because of where they are from. It talks about one student that can’t afford to come to Mason because of it is too expensive and Mason wouldn’t help them much because they aren’t a U.S citizen. “This video will help me with my research because it taps into your emotions and shows real life stories about real lives of undocumented students.” We should care about this topic because we don’t know what our friends are going through and we should all be treated equal, when your ethnicity affects your education that’s a problem. Universities should be protecting undocumented students because of the recent president that was elected. Jamaal Abdul-Alim writes an article about universities becoming sanctuary campuses which is “A sanctuary campus is any college or university in the United States that adopts policies to protect students who are undocumented immigrants. The term is modeled after “sanctuary city”, a status that has been adopted by over 30 municipalities.” Mason Dreamers is trying to get George Mason to become a sanctuary campus, it went to Washington DC but nothing as happened since, Dreamers will keep trying to push a sanctuary campus at George Mason University. “This article is the heart and soul of what the Mason Dreamers believes in so this article will be extremely helpful to explain what Mason Dreamers stand for and their mission.”

Past and present Dreamers are making a change in undocumented students lives. On PRI.org there is an article that is truly touching because these people weren’t just part of Mason Dreamers they took that and spread it around the NOVA area, they didn’t just stay at Mason but they went out and shared their information about undocumented students and made other people allies for undocumented students. “This article will help me explain what the present and past Mason Dreamers do for undocumented students.” This article will also show that Dreamers aren’t trying to just reach hispanic students but all international students, they are trying to spread this organization over the states and eventually the world, but hispanic students are the base of this organization.  

Also on PRI.org there is a article about a boy who is from Honduras got arrested for possession of marijuana and being detained but has DACA. DACA is suppose to protect undocumented students but due to the recent election that doesn’t seem like it is helping much, yes he got caught with weed but usually you get a summons to court not detained. “This article is a real life situation for an undocumented student that should be protected by DACA but wasn’t in this case, it will help me explain how important immigration is and how we should all stand together to protect our undocumented friends.” This article doesn’t really talk about Mason Dreamers but it is a real life story on a undocumented student that was discriminated against so it goes with my topic.

All five of these research post will help me further explain what Mason Dreamers is and what they stand for. I have research post from Mason Dreamers them selve and from other people that aren’t even apart of Mason, I think it is important to have diversity and different articles and videos that explain the same thing and are trying to get the same point across. Immigration is a big topic right now because of our current president, he thinks that we should shut “non Americans” out of America which isn’t fair because other countries don’t have the same opportunities we have in the United States, some don’t have access to free education, some don’t have access to clean drinking water, some don’t even have access to food like we do, Trump doesn’t know what’s it’s like to grow up in poverty, I don’t even know what it’s like but I know everybody deserves a chance at freedom and equality is important to me, it shouldn’t matter where you are from we all bleed red, we all breathe the same air. Everybody deserves equality no matter who they are, Trump just doesn’t get it. Immigration is important to me because my uncle is from Mexico and he was here illegally until he had his son here. Hopefully this article will be eye-opening and get the point of equality across.