Ethics vs Humanity

I will be talking about Clay Shirky’s , “Everyone Is a Media Outlet” and *Rebecca Blood, “Weblog Ethics”. In “Everyone Is a Media Outlet” Clay is basically talking about how everybody is a media outlet, even Facebook and blog sites are media outlets that regular people post their opinion on and share products for free, in other words people are doing free labor for companies and they don’t even know they are doing it. The article defines a professional and why we need them, it says, “A profession exists to solve a hard problem, one that requires some sort of specialization. Driving a race car requires special training-race car drivers are professionals. Driving an ordinary car, though, doesn’t require the driver to belong to a particular profession, because it’s easy enough that most adults can do it with a modicum of training. Most professions exist because there is a scarce resource that requires ongoing management.” Professionals are simply here to give us the facts and sell something for a current event for the public.  

“Rebecca Blood’s, “Weblog Ethics” is a very surprising article to me, it talks about how journalist are not suppose to interfere with their subjects life no matter what is going on. This article defines journalist that says “Journalists — the people who actually report the news — are acutely aware of the potential for abuse that is inherent in their system, which relies on support from businesses and power brokers, each with an agenda to promote. Their ethical standards are designed to delineate the journalist’s responsibilities and provide a clear code of conduct that will ensure the integrity of the news.” in other words it is saying if you’re a journalist during a war and you see someone get shot you can just take a picture of them and not help them because you’re not suppose to take a picture for something in return, you’re suppose to be take the picture with no strings attached because that is not your job to help them, it also says “Weblogs, produced by nonprofessionals, have no such code, and individual webloggers seem almost proud of their amateur status. “We don’t need no stinkin’ fact checkers” seems to be the prevailing attitude, as if inaccuracy were a virtue.” in other words it is saying if you’re just a average citizen and you’re taking pictures of someone getting shot you can help them and still post the picture.  

These two articles correlate because the first article is talking about what a professional journalist is and the second article is about the ethics of a journalist, these two articles go hand and hand. The first article and the second article puts ethics before humanity, which is sad but it’s life. 


Shirky, Clay. “Shirky_Everyone Is a Media Outlet.pdf.” Google Docs. N.p., n.d. Web. 22 Mar. 2017.

Blood, Rebecca. “Webblog Ethics.” Rebecca’s Pocket. N.p., n.d. Web.


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