“Advocates Call for Schools to Stand By Undocumented Students”

This article is about calling universities to advocate and stand by undocumented students due to the recent election and the changes he is making about undocumented people in the United States, this article is written by Jamaal Abdul-Alim and it is about a recent panel that was at George Mason University talking about how we should stand by undocumented students and do everything we can to help them. It says “Being an ally is not an identity. It’s an action,” Vaquera said. “Those educators that want to be there and support the students, we need to do the homework, be with them, make ourselves available, and make yourselves available in your university and make it known that you are a person who wants to help, learning, staying up to date and providing support.” which is very true, this article will be a big help because not only is based off of a event at George Mason University but it is also talking about a major topic right now that relates to my topic. This article is the heart and soul of what the Mason Dreamers believes in so this article will be extremely helpful to explain what Mason Dreamers stand for and their mission.



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