“The gift of education”

This video is very reliable because it was on the Mason Dreamers and it was made by the members of the organization. It talks a little about what Mason Dreamers is and what they stand for, it also compares the financial aspect of college with undocumented students and students that were born in the United States. It give multiple stories of actual undocumented students and how much of a struggle college is for them, there is one guy that talks about how his mom was a janitor for Mason when he was little and she would bring him to work sometimes to show him the campus and she told him that he would eventually be student and he is about to graduate from Mason very soon. They also talk briefly about a student that couldn’t keep attending Mason because they couldn’t pay for college and since they are undocumented they can’t get many scholarships or much help financially. This video will help me with my research because it taps into your emotions and shows real life stories about real lives of undocumented students.


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